Beginning of the festival second day in Kadriorg


Video installation “Mirage” on the wall of Lilleaia Mirage. Video artists Mikk Mägi and Sander Joon aka GIF Visuals (EST)


Video installation “Fall Ball” on the facade of Kadriorg Palace. Video artist Anastasia Isachsen (NOR)


Tanel Padar and the band concert at Kadriorg Park concert square


Musical fireworks on Pillapalu Square accompanied by G.F. Handel music


Concert by Tiit Kikas “Road to the dark” on the balcony of Kadriorg Palace


The end of the evening but it is possible to watch most of the smaller light installations until two o’clock at night


From 19th to 20th September you will be able to enjoy video mapping shows on the walls of Kadriorg Palace by both Norwegian and domestic visual artists, musical fountain shows with on the Kadriorg Swan Pond and many more.

Wandering Lights is dedicated to the 300 years of Kadriorg Park. Using a lot of light installations and performances is a festival tribute to history of the park.