Festival opening day in the Old Town


Video installations on the facade of Town Hall

Video installation „Estonia 1000“ by Mikk Mägi and Sander Joon aka GIF visuals (EST). It is a story about development of Estonia through history

Video installation “Equinox” by Anastasia Isachsen (NOR). Equinox is an audiovisual installation about light and darkness in our world and in ourselves.


Concert by Indrek Kalda and Paul Kristjan Kalda Harju Street green area stage


Concert by Bonzo on the Harju street green area stage


The end of the evening but it is possible to watch most of the smaller light installations until two o’clock at night


From 20th to 21st of September for the first time the Wandering Lights festival will also be in the Old Town of Tallinn. During the two evenings the Town Hall Square, Town Hall, the end of Viru Street, the Harju street green area and other places are seen in a completely new way.

Video mappings by domestic and guest video artists at the façade of Tallinn Town Hall, new colorful lights on the Niguliste Church, hundreds of swallows above the streets and great music on Harju street green area – this is what this year`s festival is all about!